Irrigation water is typically surface water and, especially in warm seasons and warm regions, heavily contaminated with microbes. ANOSAN ECO-G® is effective against bacteria and biofilm in Water tanks and piping’s and is an excellent concentrated solution for water treatment in irrigation systems.

ANOSAN ECO-G® is highly effective in the prevention of multiple diseases on plants, i.e. for banana, mango and others.
The use of ANOSAN ECO® in animal husbandry allows for sanitation without requiring rinsing. The powerful healing effect of ANOSAN ECO® does not sting or irritate the animals skin, it is safe for use around the mouth, nose, eyes, and ears and thus helps prevent infection caused by viruses and bacteria. Common bacteria found on animals, especially livestock, include Escherichia coli and Salmonella Infantis, are killed within 30 seconds. ANOSAN ECO® increases the growth rate and returns shorter cycles.